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Children Ages 3 to 6 jump free while you are in class.

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Life's too short for boring, ineffective workouts

You deserve a workout that makes you sweat like crazy and leaves you feeling great.

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Why Bounce?

Physical Benefits: More Effective, Less Impact

  • Improved posture and body alignment.
  • 40% less impact on your joints and muscles. 
  • Core-stability muscles are constantly engaged in order to keep you stable and balanced on the mini rebounder (trampoline).
  • Rebound exercise can help increase your body’s metabolic rate and its ability to burn calories more efficiently, helping your body to process nutrients more efficiently.
  • Saves you time (10 minutes of rebounding is as effective as 30 minutes of running). 
  • Gives all the benefits of aerobic exercises without jarring the skeletal system. 
  • “Most of all, bouncing on a rebounder is just FUN!”

Mental Benefits: Feel Happier

  • Stress relief – combat depression, anxiety, and stress by increasing the amount of endorphins released to the brain.
  • Rebounder workouts increase the circulation of oxygen throughout the body, with regulating sleep patterns.
  • Exercising on a trampoline increases the circulation of oxygen around your body, making you more alert and improving mental performance.
  • Strengthens every cell, muscle, organ, tissue, bone and tendon in the body.
  • Rebounder workouts will make you feel happier, more positive, and even more self-confident.
  • “It’s hard to feel blue when you’re bouncing.”

Detox: How Bouncing Boosts Your Lymphatic System

  • Definition: basically your body’s natural way of detoxing.
  • At the bottom of the bounce, poisons, toxins and waste products are being squeezed out from between the cells.
  • As the body bounds into the air, waste is loosened from the cell, and nutrients are passed from lymph (fluid) to the cells.
  • At the height of the bounce, the body is weightless. Valves are open … Fluid begins to flow.
  • As the body descends, fluid flows, sucking waste products out and away from the cells to be eliminated by the lymph fluid.
Bounce Society - Find My Class

“Can't get enough of these classes!! Both Barre and Bounce are fantastic. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a new workout experience... All levels welcome. I sound too positive, but seriously, I'm hooked and I'd love to share the excitement with everyone. Fun, challenging, and lots of sweat. I'm 5'7, and 133lbs, average skill level and mom of 2 (7 &5). If I can do this, anyone can, (age has been left out intentionally).”

Briana Harkins Google | 5 Stars

“Best workout I’ve ever had! I’ve been going to Bounce Society for over a year and I'm hooked. The routines are always different and the music is on point. I highly recommend to anyone to try it out no matter what shape you are in you can Bounce at your level. All the instructors are very nice and motivating. They have me as a customer for life!”

Joanna Braganza Google | 5 Stars

“Obsessed is an understatement. These classes (and the trainers) are amazing! Not only will the classes completely kick your butt, but you'll have fun while doing it. It's honestly the best workout I've ever had, and I highly recommend it!!!”

Ashley Warnecke Facebook | 5 stars
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